Jack of All Trades – LR40R

This light is interesting. When I first got it, my first impression was less than what I expected. But, that was due to my obsession with the proposed light output. I didn’t pay enough attention to the words “Search Light”. I was comparing it to the TK72R, which is not a fair comparison. This light has a broader beam, so comparing a 9000 lumen light with a different beam pattern to a 12,000 lumen light is not fair at all. The LR40R has a wider beam pattern and is designed for lighting a very broad area. And, oh wow does it. Need a seen light? Got it. Need a search light, got it. But the beauty of this one is the spot light it has also. When you research this light, you may not agree but it is now my all around go to light. Whether you need to carry the sun around with you or light up a small area, or maybe just shine some focused light on an object – done! I can’t stop picking this thing up! Battery life is amazing. I charged it right out of the box and after two months of use when needed, whether it is a preplan for the Fire Department I work for or just around the house, I keep getting light from it. I don’t have a dramatic or complicated battery testing set up, so I generally just use it as needed and base my satisfaction on what I think it should handle. I still have battery life! I own several Fenix lights and they always seem to power them properly. It’s very apparent that they put a lot of time and effort into making sure their lights serve the purpose that they advertise.  Also, I dropped the LR40R from chest high onto concrete on accident and it didn’t and still hasn’t missed a beat

I do want to add one little extra detail. Every time I have reached out to Fenix with questions prior to purchase, they never hesitate to take the time to discuss a product with me and make sure I have all the answers I need prior to purchase. Thank you again Fenix for taking the time to do your research and produce a product that the consumer can use and will perform based on the description given!


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