It blew in. It was nasty. We had numerous vendors and campers out. I knew there would be damage.

As a park ranger, I didn’t have the chance to take a lot of pictures. I was busy trying to see if anyone needed aid. Although some campers were frazzled, wet, and found the tent they “thought” was sturdy, was instead a crumpled mess of nylon and polyester. No one was hurt though, and it could have been worse.

This just so happened to be the first night I had my new Fenix TK15UE out, and my goodness, this light did not disappoint.

The park this happened in, is nearly a mile long, and with campers scattered all over it, the incredible distance this light can reach was VERY helpful. Although it can reach over 1000ft, I found the sweet spot between close-in, and 400ish feet. At that distance I could ascertain if a tent/shelter was damaged or toppled. Although a 1000 lumen blast to the face is painful, they understood what I was doing.

After that night I welcomed the TK15UE with open arms to my growing arsenal of high-performance lighting. The TK15UE is an update of an already successful light by Fenix. The TK15 is no newcomer. Sometimes Fenix takes an older light, makes a pot of coffee, stares at it, and thinks on how to make it better. Enter the TK15UE. The UE designation means “Ultimate Edition” and they’re not kidding here.

Imagine you have a fast, old hot rod. It’s still fast, it still looks awesome. But you want more. A LOT MORE. Imagine new technology, pushing an already fast and awesome hot rod above and beyond anything that was even imaginable when it was first created. The TK15UE is just that, it’s a slightly older hot rod, that just got a rocket engine upgrade.

So, what was the old TK15 like? Successful. it was a 400 lumen max light, capable of throwing light out to about 800ft. So, let’s compare those two basic things alone. The UE edition hits 1000 lumens, and throws light over 1000ft.

That aside, let’s talk about this light some more.

The build quality is perfect. It has a feel and finish that has become a trademark of Fenix. The threading is impeccable. The tolerances are spot on. It feels chunky, it feels stout. It comes with a holster, O rings, lanyard, and an extra boot switch. The light is easy to break down and service. In fact, it’s a piece of cake. The head and tail-cap are removable. The tactical grip ring is removable, as is the lanyard and the belt clip.

The emitter is a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED. And it’s a beast. It gives the light the edge it needs to reach out as far as it does. It takes a 18650 lithium-ion or 2 CR123A lithium. Per the specs, I’d recommend the 3500MaH 18650. In colder weather, you could certainly opt for the CR123A lithium’s though.

As far as the modes, this light has a tail button to click for momentary On and push fully for constant/full On. Towards the head sits the cycle button. This is where you’d click through the four cycles of 10, 150, 350, and 1000 lumens. To get to the strobe feature, simply press and hold the cycle button, and get ready for a show… It’s not exactly a constant strobe, but it rather oscillates between faster and slower strobing. One note, you don’t have to be in 1000 lumen mode to get the strobe, if you’re in any setting, once you hit strobe, it’s 1000 lumens of strobe. Make sure you’re not looking at this thing when you do that. Don’t ask me why, just don’t 😉

My final thoughts on a quick initial review: The light is a beast, an absolute beast. I enjoy thinking of what the TK15 used to be, and the retina destroying monster they’ve turned it in to. Aside from wrecking retinas, this light is beyond useful.

It’s certainly got the throw, it’s got enough spill lighting. It’s got great battery life. It’s based on an already proven design. It’s reliable. It’s a winner: It’s the TK15UE from Fenix.


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