HP30R – You wanted Big? You got BIG!

The HP30R is the powerhouse of headlamps. Do you want BIG output? Do you want BIG runtime? Then this is for you. Topping the headlamp world at 1750 lumens, this light will illuminate everything and anything around you. It comes complete with separate spot and flood built into the light, which are separately selectable. The spot will give you a amazing beam to search with, while the flood will provide a very wide, decently long range flood for as far as your eye can see. The two combined will shatter your perception of what a headlamp can do. 

In addition to being the brightest headlamp around, It also has the best runtimes available on any headlamp. Being able to run 5 lumens for 400 hours (in flood) and 4 hours on its highest output makes this HP30R a show stopper. The separate battery pack means that you don’t have the weight of the batteries on your head! The cord is detachable and will disconnect if you snag it too hard, but under my heavy use, I’ve never had it happen accidentally, so rest assured. To top it off, the battery pack is fully USB chargeable for you solar panel fans! I would not recommend this light for hiking as it is more on the heavy side of headlamps, but for your campsite, construction, and search and rescue, You have found your golden egg!

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