What do you get the hunter who has it all?

There’s no need to hunt this holiday season for the perfect gift. We’ve made the task easier for you with a round-up our top hunting lights, aka the perfect lights for hunters.

Whether finding animal paths, blood tracking, reading maps or dressing the animal, the right flashlight is an essential hunting item for a successful hunt.

When you’re buying a flashlight as a gift for hunters there are a few things you need keep in mind:

  • The hunting flashlight needs to have several brightness levels to accommodate any situation
  • Accessories – gun mount and lens diffusers
  • The hunting flashlight needs to have a good beam throw
  • The hunting flashlight should have additional features like colored LED lights, lock-out and tail switch operation

Holiday Gifts for Hunters


TK75 LED Flashlight
Yes, the Fenix TK75 is bright, it’s actually one of our brightest lights with 4000 lumen maximum output but the reason it’s on our list for top hunting lights is due to its multi-function socket strap and tripod attachment. This makes the TK75 a perfect hand-held or mounted lighting option. It also doesn’t hurt that the TK75 has more than 11 days of maximum runtime, four brightness levels, two momentary-on modes and a unique lock-out design to eliminate unintentional light use.

Fenix TK75 Large Flashlight Size

PD35 TAC LED Flashlight
We love the Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition) LED Flashlight based on its versatility and tactical functionality. While it only measures 5.5 inches it boosts 1000 lumens in turbo output while throwing its beam a distance up to 200 meters. It’s seriously the most powerful “pocket light” you’re going to find. This compact, rugged and reliable flashlight features two operation modes: Outdoor and Tactical. The new Tactical Mode turns the side switch off and operates the turbo, strobe, momentary and low modes via the rear switch. The Outdoor Mode allows for standard flashlight operation; the use of the side switch for all six modes, and the rear switch simply turns the light on and off.Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight 4 bay charger with two 3400 18650 batteries


Fenix TK35UE Ultimate Edition
The Fenix TK35UE Ultimate Edition flashlight features the latest Cree XHP 50 LED to allow for increased output and longer beam distance. The 2000 lumen TK35 Ultimate Edition features seven output options and dual tail switches in a compact size that is a durable and well-balanced design for your hand.

Fenix TK35UE Ultimate Edition

LD22 LED Flashlight
The upgraded Fenix LD22 Flashlight offers new operational features perfect for lighting versatility during a hunt. In Outdoor Mode, the LD22 Flashlight’s side switch controls all output modes and the tail switch simply turns the light on and off. The new Tactical Mode turns off the side switch and activates the turbo, strobe and mid modes through the tactical tail switch. The LD22 features an output of 300 lumens while using only two AA batteries. Four brightness levels plus Strobe and SOS will meet all the lighting demands for hunting as well as daily use applications.Fenix LD22 Flashlight Size


HL55 LED Headlamp
The HL55 headlamp is the perfect solution for hands free lighting during a night hunt. With a rugged aluminum, waterproof and cold resistant housing, the HL55 features a compact design and high intensity performance that is a match for any hunting need. This outdoor LED headlamp has four brightness levels plus 900 lumen burst mode with a maximum of 150 hours of runtime from one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries.

Fenix HL55 LED Headlamp

E12 LED Flashlight
The Fenix E12 Flashlight turns small size into go-anywhere, functional lighting. This pocket light – 90mm-long – might be tiny but it kicks out 130 lumens with a 289ft reach off a single AA battery. Its tailcap switching makes controlling its functions easy for hunters who are on the move and need a small, yet powerful pocket light.

Fenix E12 Flashlight Size

We hope to help you make it brighter for the hunter in your life this holiday with one of our six top hunting lights, they make the perfect gifts for hunters. Happy Holidays!

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