HM61R headlamp – Versatility is the name of the game

This headlamp really packs a punch, in terms of size, brightness, & versatility. It is first and foremost a headlamp, but the light can be detached from the strap and used as a standalone right angle flashlight. It clips into a plastic bracket on the strap, and a stretchy rubber piece secures it even further. The angle of the light can be adjusted up and down by twisting the light body in the bracket. The turbo setting is overkill in some situations. It sports a removable forward facing strap clip, as well as a magnetic base. The magnetic base is much stronger than my E18R. The clip can rotate to position it in a variety of ways.

Basically, it’s a larger version of a combined LD15R (clip & magnet) & HM50R light (headlamp). It remembers the previous white color setting when turning it on, and has electronics to maintain a constant brightness while the battery is draining. This leads to slightly lower calculated run times (compared to other ~1000lm, 18560 battery lights), but I’m OK with this tradeoff. The magnetic charging is simple (but would like standardized to USB-C), and the battery level check is a simple 1 click of the power button.

The reflective strap is lightweight and has a firm stretch, so it grips well. I’ve run with it, and the top strap and rear rubber 3 way connector keeps the added weight of the headlamp planted on my head, and the adjustment doesn’t drift. It does not have the silicone strip inside the strap that the HM50R has, but I don’t think that matters.

The beam is nice & even, because of the frosted lens. The red light setting is nice to have, and I could see myself using it as an extra tail light attached to my backpack during bike commuting (especially because of the red flash).

Very bright. I normally use it on the 130 lumen level when running, so I have plenty of extra light if I need it
Clean and consistent beam
Stable during vigorous activity
Constant Brightness
Uses the same 18560 batteries that my other lights use
The clip stays on the light when it’s mounted in the head strap, so it won’t get lost

Not standardized to USB-C charging
Heavier than my HM50R
Lower runtimes due to the constant brightness

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