The job of a flashlight is to provide light but did you know you can use a flashlight for self defense? With June being National Safety Month we wanted to share five ways you can use a flashlight to protect yourself. We’re also giving you the chance to win a Fenix UC30 LED flashlight this week in conjunction with our Night Owl Sweepstakes. Make sure to enter!

Five Ways To Use A Flashlight For Self-Defense

When it comes to using a flashlight for self-defense, bigger and heavier lights like the UC45 and the LD75C are the best. However, most people aren’t carrying larger flashlights when they jog at night or jump out of bed to see about the noise in the backyard. The smaller, go-anywhere sized lights like the Fenix UC30 LED flashlight can protect you just as well if you’re faced with a difficult situation. Here are few tactics for using a flashlight for self-defense. 1. The easiest way to use a flashlight for self-defense is to shine the light directly in the attacker’s eye’s. Flashlights with different modes allow you to up the power – aka brightness – of the flashlight. Shining 960 lumens directly in someone’s eye’s will blind them temporarily and give you a chance to get away. 2. Smaller lights like the UC30 LED flashlight and even the tiny E05 can pack a punch. Use these pocket lights as “fist fillers” to make your punch’s even more powerful. Simply close your hand around the flashlight, make a fist and you have a more powerful punch. Fenix UC30 LED Flashlight 3. If you can unscrew the lens and expose the bulb of the flashlight use this end to poke your attacker. The heat of the bulb and possible jaggedness (if it breaks) can serve as an excellent weapon. 4. If you are carrying a larger flashlight such as the UC45 and the LD75C use the flashlight itself to hit your attacker. Fenix LD75C LED Flashlight 5. Depending on the material of your flashlight and the thickness of the handle, you can remove the batteries and stomp on it to create a sharp, pointed more dagger-like weapon.

We hope you never have to use these tactics but knowledge is power and so is a flashlight.

Are there other ways you’ve used (or know of using) a flashlight for self-defense? Please share in the comments and don’t forget to enter to win a Fenix UC30 LED flashlight for this week’s Night Owl Sweepstakes.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

15 thoughts on “Five Ways To Use A Flashlight For Self-Defense

  1. I am 70 and I think one of the bright lights would do a good job at a fending off an intruder. I have a gun but I don’t think I could shoot someone.

  2. I live in Kalgoorlie-boulder in Western Australia and have worked as an Armed Logistics Officer. I own several Fenix lights including RC10, RC15, TK35, PD35 and the amazing LD75C which truly is a beast of a light considering it’s compact size. I consider the build quality and performance of Fenix lights unsurpassed.

  3. I’m a motorcycle police officer for a large municipal California city department. I work nights and use my PD35 throughout my shift. This light is brighter and better constructed than some of the offerings from the biggest names in law enforcement lighting supply (S—fire, S—–light, P—can, etc). Some of my colleagues can’t accept that I paid less and obtained a better tool! Kudos, Fenix.

  4. I’m always in need of a good flashlight and my family always steals mine, so I would LOVE to win this one!

  5. My husband is always traveling on the road at night and goes fishing all the time! This Flashlight would be perfect for him in case of an emergency or to see on his boat at night while he’s fishing! Thank You!

    • Our lights are perfect for law enforcement. Congrats to your daughter on her career and good luck, we’ll contact/announce a winner on Tuesday.

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