Fenix ARE-X1+ Battery Charger Review

The ARE-X1+ worked great during our five night back-country hike. I was worried that I would be carrying multiple batteries that I didn’t need, but when I found the ARE-X1+, I was relieved.

A battery charger with a micro-USB port allows for many charging capabilities. You’re able to connect it to a wall outlet or a battery bank. When you’re out in the wilderness there are no wall outlets. So how do you charge your batteries? Since the ARE-X1 uses a micro-USB cable you can easily connect it to a battery bank. Also because of the charger’s compact size it doesn’t take much room in your pack and is also very light. So you will be saving a lot of energy by recharging your batteries.

Another great feature that really stood out on this charger was the LCD screen. Most chargers only have a red light and a green light to notify you when your batteries are done charging. But the ARE-X1 shows the amount of the battery charged. This allows you to estimate the amount of time your battery will be done charging or check to see if your battery is fully charged.

are-x1-plus battery charger

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  • Before buying a new one try contacting their support. If its in warranty they will tell you what to do. Their customer service is amazing.

  • My charger broke after only a few uses. Seems the connection to the USB cable inside the charger is broken. I’ll buy another….


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