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Fenix UC35v2.0 – A Tactical Powerhouse

I became knowledgeable and aware of Fenix lights in 2015 when I purchased my first PD35. I then approached the company about donating lights to a military reunion function and fundraiser for the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. They were happy to oblige and provided us with lights, hats and shirts as runner up prizes for larger auctions. Having at that time over 25 years of experience with tactical lighting products, I was very impressed with the innovation and quality.

I have since bought many lights as gifts or personal use from Fenix direct or their dealers. Any friend who is police or military and receives one is always impressed. The light in this picture, the Fenix UC35v2.0, is a gift for a seal team buddy. I reviewed it and its capabilities before sending to him and since I can’t live without its durability, power and ease of use and quality, I will be ordering a replacement. A+++++

Click here to learn more about the Fenix UC35v.20.

fenix uc35 v2 rechargeable led flashlight


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This is a great review and I agree 100 percent thank you Fenix for making such great products. 💯


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