Fenix UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight Review – Great for Camping

This is the light you should get if you don’t yet have a Fenix light! The UC35 v2.0 is a medium sized light; fits in my pocket, but most often stays in my bag since it’s a little bit bulky.

fenix uc35 v2 rechargeable led flashlight

I brought this light with me for a camping weekend, and everyone said it was a really nice light to have when we were around the campfire. The lowest lumen is good for walking around when someone is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them. It’s super bright on the brightest setting, so I have been most often using it on the second lowest one.

I also bought the diffuser (AOD-S), which works well on this light. It turns it into a really nice lantern, especially on high.

fenix AOD flashlight diffuser tip

Keeping this around beats having to carry a separate lantern, especially when there’s limited room to carry one. The UC35 v2.0 can tip stand with the diffuser, however it can be unstable (the light itself cannot tailstand). It does come with a lanyard, so that could be used to suspend the light/lantern up and out of the way.

The strobe function is a nice feature, too.

The battery indicator is similar to other Fenix lights (solid color and the flashing color, green then red), so you know what to expect. The light remembers it’s last setting when turned back on. At the higher settings, the light does get warm, which I expected. One thing that I do wish is that the side switch is easier to find when the light is on. The battery indicator does illuminate the button for a couple seconds on start-up, however after that it can be hard to find the button to turn down the light.

I’m very pleased with the performance and features of the UC35 v2.0.

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