Fenix UC35 Flashlight Review

Outdoor Ambassador, Jack F., Reviews Fenix UC35 Flashlight

The clear winner of my favorite Fenix product is the UC35 flashlight. It fits every criteria for the best flashlight for every task. The functions, size, and shape make it perfect for everything from everyday carry, to a rugged work environment. The beam form has worked flawlessly for me for years and the light output is everything I could desire. 50 lumens is perfect for walking the dog or being on a campsite without disturbing everyone. I find the 180 lumens being useful for looking around in a equipment or network rack. Its the right combination of output and run time. High mode at 480 lumens is fantastic for working in dark rooms where I need lots of light but still want to reserve some run time. I find this most useful climbing through attics and crawlspaces. The of course, turbo mode at 960 lumens gives me the power to see across large areas or light up a field if I am searching for something.

Aside from the light outputs, this light really shines in is shape and form. Using a single 18650 battery is a hit! It keeps it small, but packs plenty of power with great run times! The small diameter head allows it to stay in my pocket or on my gear without being cumbersome and remaining comfortable to wear all day. As if all this wasn’t enough, the biggest selling feature has been the USB rechargeability. Not needing to keep a 18650  (or CR123) charger with me is a huge plus. Most vehicles now a days have a USB charging port, and a good number of people already carry the style of USB cable needed to top off the light. If they don’t, they are readily available and low cost. But for the prepper conscious, this light can also be charged with a portable power pack or a portable solar panel. This makes it a great choice for camping, or long term hiking, or even on a job site that doesn’t have electricity available. Hands down, the best light out there!

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