Fenix TK72R – Like holding the sun in your hand

When Fenix released the TK72R I started putting away my pennies, because 9000 lumens in my hand? Why wouldn’t you. Starting with the un-boxing, this thing was so well packaged, I was amazed that the price wasn’t higher to make up for the packaging. To me, packaging is a sure sign of a company’s passion to take care of their customers and as my arsenal of Fenix lights grows, I continue to trust their products.

There are a lot of “bright” lights on the market that don’t seem to live up to their ratings or throw enough useful light. In my experience, led lights can give off substantial light and still not light an area in a way the the eye can effectively distinguish what it is seeing in a functional way. That is not the case with the TK72R.

This beast absolutely brings night to day like holding the sun in our hand. The variable brightness from 100 lumens to a max of 9000 lumens is genius in the way that it adjusts in 100 lumen increments. Since the size; although a large flashlight is manageable for many of my uses, the adjustability makes it a go-to around the house, on the training grounds, at the deer lease, or just about anywhere else I need light. The design of the body keeps it from rolling around if I set it down for scene lighting, which is great!

I’ve become accustomed to Fenix and their power management, so I was anxious to see the battery life on the TK72R. Again, they nailed it and it holds a charge for quite a while; longer than I would have expected it to.

The only thing that I can really pick on this light for is the amount of heat it emits. It is common knowledge that led lights put out a lot of heat and if you run them on high levels they absolutely will get hot. This is the trade off for tons of light in a small package. This light on the higher levels will get very hot and can be uncomfortable to hold. However, generally if you require this much light, it is going to be hung from somewhere with the included strap or staged somewhere to light an area. Hopefully, LED technology will get to a point that some of this heat can be reduced to make the use of high lumen lights more comfortable.

Until Fenix tops this thing, the TK72R will be the light that goes in every bag for everything I do.

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