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The Fenix TK47UE Flashlight – Review by Outdoor Ambassador Stephen B.

When looking for a flashlight I pay attention to 3 things. Versatility, Durability and Power. A flashlight needs to be small enough to transport and carry without burden while also providing a powerful lumen output. But with power you must also have a balance of reasonable battery life. This light will also need to go through hell and back and still run reliably and It should be easy to use even in a stressful situation. The Fenix TK47UE Tactical Duty Flashlight designed with Law Enforcement, Military and Security personnel in mind seems to hit those marks perfectly.

Fenix TK47UE Flashlight Tail LightThe TK47UE isn’t your smallest light being 10.48 inches long but it makes up for its size with its power with a max output of 3200 lumens that throws its beam over 1000ft. This light is a handheld searchlight and with the holster provided fits nicely at the side of a Ranger or Search and Rescue Personnel. It also utilizes two 18650 batteries giving it great battery life at high lumens. Making it perfect for long expeditions or long days on the job for people in Law enforcement . This light allows me to see areas in caves that are high up (sometimes over 200ft) with ease. this makes it easy for us to find new leads and further our new passage discoveries in caves we are mapping and exploring.

The thing I’ve come to love most about this light is actually the tail light on the butt of the torch. its output may only be 30 lumens but it is bright enough to light up a room or a cabin as well as it works well for examining things closely and if stood up with the taillight sticking up it almost functions as a candle/Lantern perfect for when you go camping or lose power on a stormy day. For me the tail light first came in handy when examining a juvenile bat carcass at the entrance of a mine for signs of White Nose Syndrome. Its soft light lit up both mine tunnels and cave passage nicely while conserving the lights power supply. While when strapped to my backpack the red light S.O.S. on the tail light is perfect for riding my bike at night. Having a flashing light make it so vehicles have an easier time seeing me in the dark. Honestly having a lantern and a flashlight all in one was much more convenient then even I expected.

The other way the TK47UE provides is with durability. I personally put mine through the ringer both submerging it in ice cold underground water for 5 minutes and the flashlight didn’t even blink. I dragged it in hand through the tight passages in Knox Cave in NY scrapping it and banging it without it even noticing what I was putting it through. This is one category that Fenix always seems to do well in. They build lights you can trust and use with ease even in the stickiest of situations. The solid and sleek design of the flashlight fits nicely in hand while at the same time it feels sturdy. It might even be durable enough to be used in defense in last resort situation.

The TK47UE has stood up to the elements while providing a powerful but reasonably sized torch. With the addition of the tail light it makes a very versatile and rugged light that can be employed In many different practices and situations. Whether you’re lighting up your tent with the tail light or searching for a missing hiker this light performs and is a great choice for a tactical light.

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