Fenix TK47 Tactical Duty Flashlight Review

Outdoor Ambassador, Rob E., Reviews the TK47 Flashlight

Fenix TK47 LED FlashlightI have always been a fan of Fenix lights and was looking to something a bit lighter than my TK41 as a camping light.

TK47 Flashlight

I’ll start with the throw distance, this thing is a rockstar! A lot of lights can put some light on a distant mountain in perfect darkness, this light does that too but does it with resolution. It throws so far that you can actually make out what you are looking at even near max throw.

Features – What really makes this light so versatile is the lantern cap. The cap encloses it’s own LED (both red and white) which let’s you use the light as a lantern. I was really suprised how ofen I use it day to day, and especially camping. A lot of times you don’t need a ton of light (like walking the dog) the cap provides enough light to not only see a dog’s “deposit” and pick it up, but makes for a nice safety signal when walking by traffic. For camping this feature is worth the price alone.

The bad – Fenix continues to use smooth surfaced activation buttons on it’s current lights. They are frustrating to find at times in the dark, but nothing a small piece of textured tape didn’t fix.

Overall if you are looking for a medium size light with huge throw and super helpful extras – get this light.

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