Fenix TK41 – Spotlight in a flashlight sized package

I have been the proud owner of a TK41 for several years now. It has been used and abused and keeps performing flawlessly. Best description I can give it is a spotlight pretending to be a flashlight. It was designed with a super long throw to the beam. This is for moments when you need to know what’s on the opposite end of a field or 100 + yds away.

This light has Fenix’s usual solid construction, all metal, not plastic like other brands. It has their random blink strobe feature, as well as light level adjustability. But what attracted me to it originally was the fact it runs on AA’s. I have been running it on rechargables for years, and have zero complaints with performance or runtime.

Fenix has since come out with an updated version of the TK41, which I’m sure is even better than mine.  One of the things you’ll notice about Fenix lights is once you buy one you become a collector. You’ll want one for the car, one for the house, one for your pocket…it spirals from there. If you are someone who doesn’t compromise on quality gear Fenix is the only choice. The TK41 is a light that will be your go to long distances. Great for caving as well. If you’re considering it, order one today. And get excited, there’s zero chance you will regret buying one.

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