Fenix TK35UE

Revisiting my review of the TK35UE…it was my favorite hunting light due to it’s crazy brightness and relatively compact size. Super far throw, easy UI and long run time with a battery bay that has built in USB charging. The light is a tank. Unfortunately, a few months into my ownership I lost it in the woods and went crazy trying to find it later. Fast forward 8 months into turkey season, there it is, smashed into the ground after being run over by multiple trucks and four wheelers. After digging it out and rubbing some mud off of it, it still turned on! A testament to the quality of Fenix 3500mah 18650 batteries and Fenix lights themselves. I was speechless. Here in Michigan, it’s not uncommon to have weeks of sub zero temperatures and the light and the batteries survived. I took it home, washed it in the sink with a tooth brush and charged the batteries. Now it’s good as new. Unbelievable!

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