Fenix TK32 – Photographer’s Dream Flashlight

As a full-time traveling nomad and photographer, I already have a lot of gear to lug around. The search for the perfect lighting solution took me down many paths, but I kept coming back to the Fenix TK32 Flashlight – 2016 Upgrade for it’s size as well as flexibility.

I often search out places for night photography, which means ending up in the middle of nowhere in pure darkness. As I hike to my destination, it is a huge benefit to have the low/high red and green options of the TK32. These options have many perks for me as a photographer, the first being it allows me to navigate to my location at night and setup without having to wait for my eyes to re-adapt to the darkness. The second is I generally hear animals, and who knows what around me, and once again the green/red lights help me see what is out stalking me in the night. Lastly, the lights are perfect for some unique light painting opportunities, which I always have a bit of fun with.

On top of the green/red options in the TK32 the low/med/high/turbo options are amazing. I have the ability to control the amount of light I use on foreground objects within my night photography. The turbo option is especially useful when needing to light a large subject that is off in the distance. I used the turbo feature to illuminate the waterfall (Looking Glass Falls in Brevard, NC) in this photo.

Top all those perks with some ARB-L18-3500U Built-In USB Rechargeable Batteries and you are set. I always have 2 batteries available and charged, which are also useable within my other Fenix products.

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