Fenix TK25 Red Flashlight Review

We go camping once a month. I’ve been needing a red LED light to use at night and not disturb our night vision while star gazing. I was in the market and search when I came across this TK25. I didn’t know both red and white LEDs could be contained in one light by a well known company. I purchased with confidence and am glad I did.


This light is holding up fine for the last few months. We are out camping and can light up the whole camp with the red, turning the light off we can go right back to seeing all of the stars. I love carrying it because if I need a bright white light at any time all I need to do is rotate the selector.


The buttons feel solid and rotation selection control is well made. When placing the light in red or white it stays in this setting. I’ve had cheaper lights with a rotation selector, it would bump into the next option by accident, that is not the case with the case with this TK25. Purchase with confidence. I did and I’m very pleased.


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