Fenix TK15UE long term review

I think I’ve had the TK15UE long enough to pull a long term review. Its certainly proved itself beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I’m glad old man winter blew in, and with with windchill’s hitting about 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it was time for its final test. I loaded her up with Tenergy CR123’s and headed outside. It was cold, really cold. I used the light in this cold for 2 hours, and it performed flawlessly.

It was the final benchmark in a light I feel more people should seriously consider.

Things that I admire:

  • Can use 18650 Li Ion, or CR123A’S. The latter is fantastic in cold weather.
  • Tough, just tough. Did I mention the wall section I tore out with this to save a cat? That stainless steel strike bezel does work, and not a scratch on the light. Despite some drywall work, the cat is fine, fat and happy.
  • Throw. This light is a thrower. That CREE XP-L HI V3 LED lives up to it’s fine reputation. I can spotlight things very nicely hundreds of meters out, and paint a nice hotspot on the target.
  • Flat regulation on the high setting is amazing!
  • Tint is perfect, good rendition of colors, but doesn’t wash out in the wilderness.

I couldn’t be more pleased. I can’t think of a way to really improve it. I’d say rechargeable capabilities, but that’s where it’s brother, the TK20R, steps in.

Buy it, try it, you’ll love it, and will come to rely on it.

It’s the Fenix TK15UE Flashlight from Fenix Lighting USA.
See What Matters!

Fenix TK15UE Flashlight – Black

TK15UE @ Fenix Lighting USA

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