Fenix PD35TAC Flashlight Review from Outdoor Ambassador

Outdoor Ambassador, Justin C., Reviews the PD35 TAC

This light is phenomenal. I purchased the light about a year ago, while living out in the country, so I could see the tree line from the house. It has become more than a home flashlight as it accompanies me everywhere I go. It is the perfect sized pocket flashlight! The crisp 1000 lumens that are projected from this light is more than enough for any activity.

The Fenix PD35TAC has many different modes to choose from but the feature I want to focus on is the strobe function. It is the same blindingly bright 1000 lumen light that has a 2 stage strobe variation that makes it almost impossible to follow. Believe me… I tried to tackle a friend with this light. It disorients the attacker and becomes very difficult to judge distance. You will leave them in their tracks… with a severe headache!

On top of this being a fantastic Tactical Light, it is also a great hunting and hiking light. It lights up the field or trail and shows any obstacles that might arise as well as any threats that are in your way. Overall, I recommend this light to all my friends and love hearing their expressions when they turn it on. And all of these features are backed by the quality that only comes from Fenix!

Fenix PD35TAC Tactical Flashlight

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