Fenix E01 Review

Running Ambassador, Dan J., Reviews the E01 Flashlight

The best light is the one you have when you need one. To this end, my favorite Fenix light that I have is the E01 flashlight. It is a AAA LED light (easily found replacement batteries). It has a twist-top switch, and a key ring on the bottom. The base is designed so that it can stand upright. The key ring allows me to carry the light with me at all times.

This light replaces a AAA incandescent Maglite, which eventually became less and less reliable. It’s not terribly bright, but works very well in a pinch, like when I search for items in small spaces (like the bottom of my bag). The E01 keychain light has the LED & circuitry inside the head, and a spring in the base that can be removed. It is extremely reliable. Recently, a battery swelled and became stuck in the light. I was able to remove it (with some effort), clean out the barrel, and the light is going strong. I hope to use this light for many years to come.

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