A Fenix PD36R Review

Not carrying extra batteries now! I’ve been on the hunt for a light with better runtime and realistic lumen level. The manufacturer claims this light can run at 800 lumen for almost 6 hours, this is tried and true. We had a busy night looking for brush fires and running multiple calls. This light hung in there for 4 hours and then I used it into the next day without needing to charge it.

The lowest setting is 30 Lumen. It would be my preference that this be a little lower so you don’t disturb your night vision. For looking at a map or looking for your keys in complete darkness 30 Lumen is a little bit too high, this is my personal preference.

The size is spot on. It does not take up much space in the pocket compared to other lights in this caliber. The clip also provides comfort when carrying in the pocket since it allows for a deeper carry. I’m pleased with the light and putting it to work.

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