The Fenix PD35TAC is a great light that is perfectly sized (compact/ small enough) to carry around. I am very pleased with it. I’ve used various lighting modes and appreciate the extremely bright, extending beam. PD35TAC in my opinion, is a versatile/great everyday carry-all for outdoor and indoor use. Easy to hold/grip design. Battery life is very good. I employ rechargeable batteries. Easy to operate and switch between lighting modes. Not only very dependable but also very sturdy.

I have my PD35TAC with me when I go fishing and for other outdoor activities. We are often getting on the water with our boat to fish just before first light. The PD35TAC is powerful enough to light the area up as we’re launching boat and (on board) with related and other fishing set-up and on-board tasks. When I was researching flashlights, the fact that PD35TAC is waterproof was very desirable. On a recent fishing excursion to a remote camp in Canada, had my PD35TAC on me at all times; it was invaluable. In the dead of night, without any surrounding lights, PD35TAC provided a clear piercing beam that extended quite a distance on high setting. At home when I’m out walking the dog in the evenings, I have it set at high setting; and knowing it also has strobe for protection, is a great safety and tactical defensive feature.


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