I’ve had a PD35 in my EDC for years now, so I was interested to try the PD35 TAC model. I chose to use it as a weaponlight. I’ve used several brands over the years, Surefires being the most expensive. I can tell you the PD35 TAC is the best weaponlight I’ve ever had. Super bright, rechargeable battery, long battery life, waterproof, shockproof…and the best part, costs half as much as other weaponlights.

The PD35 Tac will make a perfect companion to your handgun as well. Anyone who carries a firearm needs a quality flashlight to go with it. The PD35 Tac will certainly excel at that job. The white hot light will ensure your target is identified as well as blinded. This will give time to react accordingly. The endcap switch ensures you can easily turn it on with one hand.

For anyone who isn’t interested in using theirs with a firearm, you will still love this light. 1000 lumens at your fingertips, small enough to always have on your person. Whether it be an emergency along the highway, trying to determine what made that noise late at night, or looking for a deer you shot, the PD35 TAC will never let you down. Worth every penny, don’t hesitate if you’re interested.

Outdoorsmen, hunters, fisherman, trappers etc shouldn’t go afield without one of these. Even hunting close to home the unpredictable can happen. If you were injured after dark and someone ever had to look for you they won’t be searching long. The PD35 tac would guide in help like a lighthouse to a ship on rough seas.

Long story short, the PD35 TAC is a solid purchase for anyone needing a durable and superbright light that will never let you down.

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