Fenix LR40R Review

So I’ve had this light for a good 2 months now and can’t seem to put it down…

Fenix has once again made a beast of a light! A total of 12,000 lumens from an easy to carry flashlight! A combination of spot and flood light gives you the best of both flashlight worlds. It has dedicated stainless steel buttons for both. A 1000 lumen 640 meter throw gives you plenty of light to see down the road or out into the field when you hear the dogs barking. But… 11,000 lumens of day light to light up the whole yard, neighbors yard or whole block to see whats out there lurking around! Instead of “Turbo Mode” it should be called “Day Mode”!

This light is top notch, sturdy and pretty to look at. An included battery pack powers this light. If you run the battery pack dead you can use 1-4 18650s in its place. I was very happy to see it has a USB-C charging port and USB discharging port so you can charge your phone while your out and about. It also includes a battery indicator! 1-4 blue leds shows you how much charge you have left.

Even the low settings give you plenty of light to see. So runtime shouldn’t be an issue. The light comes in a very nice box that includes a Fenix ARB-L37-12000 rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, USB Type-C charging cable, lanyard, holster and spare O-ring. The holster is very good quality I might add. It would be nice to see something that covered the lens better but it’s a great holster none the less.


So in conclusion, if your looking for a great all around flashlight to keep by the front door or in the truck, if your looking to use as a search light or to simply show off for your friends then this light is for you! You will not be disappointed!


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