Fenix LD75C Flashlight Review

It’s the multi tool of the flashlight world! With four different colors and the max power of 4,200 lumens the LD75C has many uses. Hunting, fishing, or playing in a dark field this light will amaze all that witness the power of the LD75C. Some might even think you have five different lights, when you only have one. Kids will be in awe when they see the bright vibrant colors. While fellow hunters and fishermen will be asking you where you got the light from. Its performance will not go unnoticed wherever you use it.

It comes with a holster, perfect for when you need both of your hands free and your light easily accessible. It’s a decently sized light, (yet small enough to carry in your carry on in most airlines) feels great in your hands and is perfect for teens and up especially for those who have a hard time seeing (mainly the elders). Being waterproof up to 2 meters for 30 mins makes it a durable flashlight, and perfect for many situations. The best feature is being able to run the normal light and the color lights at the same time. The LD75C is like the Marine of flashlights “Improvise, adapt, overcome” the light will adapt to whatever brightness you need and overcome almost any obstacle with you. It is truly multiple lights in one.

I am an eagle scout and my father and I go on hikes/camps with our troop every month. One time my father and I were hiking down a trail at night to meet up with our fellow scouts at another campsite down in the valley. When we got to the campsite all scouts and parents seemed confused. As we sat down to talk, a parent asked us if we saw a car. Shocked of how crazy of a question to be asking us because it was impossible for a car to be driving on these trails that are barley shoulder width apart with certain areas overgrown with vegetation. My father realized they saw us walking down the mountain in to the valley with our LD75C and thought it was a car headlight. It’s great knowing that when we need a light the LD75C will be dependable and make us feel comfortable when we have emergencies. Whether doing rescues, hunting or trying to keep an aggressive animal or person away at night the LD75C is not a normal light, it’s a light on steroids.

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