Fenix LD30

The Fenix LD30, a more practical twist on the Fenix E30R.  From what I can tell, the heads of the two lights mentioned are extremely similar. Both in modes, diffusion and output.  However, the LD30 has the ever so convenient tail switch. Some may dislike tail switches and say they too often turn on in their pockets accidentally. I have experienced this before but can honestly say that the switch on the LD30 is one of the better switches I’ve used.

Another feature I enjoy that Fenix has been doing more of, is the two-way pocket clip, giving you the ability to clip it on the brim of a hat. This is awesome when you’re in a pinch and need to go hands free and don’t have a headlamp, I find myself using lights with a two way clip as a headlamp more than my actual headlamps because I always have a light on me.

Mode switching is easy and the output spacing is ideal for EDC. When and where you will use 1600 lumens for EDC I do not know as it is blinding bright but it is ready at your disposal.  Paired with a 3500Mah Fenix rechargeable, you’ve got hours of light before worrying about recharging. The LD30 has been one of my favorites from Fenix due to its compact size and high output and efficiency.  This light has been carried in my fifth pocket on my pants and it’s barely noticeable.  One thing to note, if using the light on High or Turbo modes, it gets extremely hot and the copper bezel could potentially burn you so use caution.

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