Fenix LD09 – Amazing EDC Flashlight – Review from Ambassador Brandon B.

Until recently, my EDC flashlight was the Fenix TK16 flashlight. However, since my family and I have began going on camping trips, and traveling around Texas for the summer months, I decided I needed a smaller, more light-weight pocket light. The Fenix LD09 flashlight fits that bill. What an amazing little pocket/palm sized every day carry flashlight!

I have taken this flashlight on two separate camping trips, to two Texas state parks; Colorado Bend and Lake Arrowhead. Using this light for setting up the tent when we arrived late in the evening was easier than trying to locate one of my headlamps. Thanks to its reversible pocket clip, I easily slipped it on the bill of my cap and went to work. The feather weight of the light didn’t cause my hat to tip down or get in the way. Out of all the modes/levels, I found that using the lowest mode (which is what the light starts on all the time. No mode memory.) was more than adequate for most of the night hikes and camp chores after the sun went down. However the max mode of 220 lumens using a fenix 14500 battery, also came in handy when the local raccoons came knocking on the tent asking for handouts.

Now the LD09 flashlight finds its way, more times than not, into my pocket. Again it comes down to weight. Summer months are hot here in Texas, and when not working, I like to wear basketball shorts. By not having a belt to help hold’em up, carrying the lightweight LD09 has saved a many a person from seeing my very stylish undies. Enter your own joke now.

So far it has also been very reliable. Every time I click the switch it comes on and stays that way till the battery dies or I turn it off. I’ve dropped it a couple times on the trail and once in a river. Still works like a charm.

The only thing that I would add to the light is maybe a sub-lumen or ultra-low mode and remove the SOS mode. All things considered, if you’re looking for a powerful and lightweight EDC light, with exceptional run times, and you don’t need to scorch out the retinas of every living creature around you, the Fenix LD09 flashlight is pretty close to the perfect match.

fenix ld09 led flashlight

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