Fenix HM61R

I must say, this is probably my favorite headlamp to date.  I think Fenix hit the nail right on the head with its utilitarian features. To start, it seems way brighter than my HL55 and HL60R headlamps.  I also feel like the head strap is slightly more comfortable, although I am not sure what the purpose of the third strap across the top of the head is for since it’s so light, even with an 18650.

The ease of use and charging is convenient and intuitive, especially after being out in the woods, doing a home project, working in a dark room, etc.  It’s nice to have the ability to rotate the light, get it remotely close to the magnetic charger, and boom, charging.  Although, with a 3500Mah included battery, you won’t be charging up often!

The HM61R also features a red LED which is incredibly useful when sitting in my layout blind or in my truck and need minimal light to see what I’m doing while still preserving my night vision.

Lastly, the most beneficial feature of this headlamp over my other Fenix headlamps, the ability to remove the unit from the head strap and use it as a 90-degree handheld flashlight AND the magnetic tail cap make it the most well rounded, powerful, convenient headlamp I’ve ever used. If I lost my HM61R today, I would buy it again with no questions asked. I cannot wait to use this headlamp throughout the next hunting season!

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