Fenix HL60R

I purchased this headlamp to upgrade my HL55 that has been through the ringer. It still functions and has been my go to for all hunts and hands free chores but I figured it was time to add another headlamp to my collection for home improvement projects. My wife and I purchased a house and needed hands free lighting for renovations. This is by far the best headlamp I’ve ever used, it’s incredibly floody and bright and lights up any work space. It’s not too heavy and the run time is phenomenal. One thing to note is the lamp housing gets extremely hot. I was removing carpet strips and set the lamp on the hardwood floor and within seconds it smelled like burning wood. Just something to be cautious about. Aside from that, I am looking forward to having the red LEDs for camping! Typical Fenix quality and performance. My electrician borrowed it working in my attic and a few days later sent me a picture of his new HL60R!

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