Fenix HL60R Headlamp – A Camping Essential

I’ve owned my Fenix HL60R for a bit now and have liked the fit and finish. It has helped out in a pinch when a hands free light is needed, but haven’t had a chance to utilize it for a trip… at least until this weekend.

Venturing more into car camping for mountain biking trips I’ve been slowly kitting out my car and figuring out the essentials to keep in there full-time. Fenix’s HL60R headlamp has made the cut and even replaced my… we’ll call it “Brand X” headlamp that I’ve had for some time.

While on this weekend’s trek I brought both headlamps. Both were comfortable, had similar lighting settings and are both rechargeable. The upper hand of Brand X’s headlamp is that if I lose battery power, I can swap out the battery pack for a few AAA batteries. Granted, the Fenix HL60R came with a 18650 Li-ion battery which seemed to outlast Brand X’s battery pack anyway AND Fenix does have other battery options.

That being said I found the HL60R lasts well long enough for a weekend trip and has enough power for a few more days. It also has a pretty nice wide spread of light like a flood, but is still powerful enough to give you plenty of visibility in the distance which will help greatly the next time I caught rock scrambling at night. But I will purchase the ARB-L18-3500 rechargeable battery for longer trips in the future.

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