Fenix HL60 Review by Outdoor Ambassador Andrew C.

I recently received the HL60R Headlamp for review, and am happy to say it will have a permanent place in my kit. This headlamp has five brightness settings – the 5 lumen eco mode will last for literal days of runtime. Its “medium” setting is as bright as the brightest setting on every other headlamp I’ve owned. On Turbo (950 lumens), everyone else around the campfire rated it as “Agh, it hurts my eyes!”

This headlamp meets any conceivable need. For regular camping use, it can be used without any concern for battery life. It can be used to effectively signal at night. Flip it to Turbo, and it will be visible at quite a distance. Its ultra bright settings are also great for night hiking, and for finding your camp again. This headlamp strikes the perfect balance between throwing a wide light and having a concentrated, brightly illuminated center. You can have a good feel for everything going on nearby, and still have spotlight brightness in the center.

fenix alg-03 headlamp helmet mount slide into mountMy particular focus on this light is whitewater kayaking. With a little bit of duct tape, it can be adequately secured to your helmet. However, for more turbulent situations, Fenix makes a dedicated mount for it – the ALG-03 helmet mount. With this mount, you can be confident that the light is staying securely attached to your helmet. My one concern is the mount doesn’t have a built-in way to secure the top of the headlamp. Enough chaos while you’re upside down could pull the light out of the mount. Even with this weakness, it remained secure through several practice rolls and a run down some big water class IV rapids. I’ll plan on adding a piece of duct tape to the top for any planned nighttime trips.

It is heavy compared to other headlamps, with much of this weight coming from the big battery. If you’re going to have a bright headlamp and long battery life, weight is unavoidable. That said, I found that it stayed on my head comfortably with just the regular band securing it. For hiking, the extra over the head band was unnecessary.

Overall, I highly recommend this headlamp for anyone who likes to be outside at night. With its long battery life, broad range of illumination, and extremely durable design, it’s a light you can depend on.

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