13 months is more than enough time to do a long-term light review. In that time, some companies have completely cycled through a product line. But some lights may be become a bit of a classic. Here’s why.

Fenix is renowned for very durable lights, made primarily from the toughest alloys. However, the HL26R is essentially plastic, and followed a common design trend/style still going strong in headlamps today. This light was proof of concept that Fenix was flexible in it’s designs. That the Fenix team and engineers can do just about anything, with any material. This light was actually out of Fenix’s comfort zone.

And they hit a home run with it!

Over 13 months ago this light was ahead of its time. And based on the performance standards of today, it still is. Still a heavy hitter in a market flooded with options, and competition.

I have used the HL26R pretty heavily and I can see I see no degradation in the battery life or quality of the built in LiPo battery. The band has been fantastic, the light has held true to its company namesake. It feels tough, it feels solid. It IS solid.

Whether I am going out for days, or just a few hours, I’ll take this light anywhere, at any time. This light has forever carved its niche in my arsenal of lights. The HL26R builds confidence; and backs it up with reliability.


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