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Fenix FD30 Product Review

The Fenix FD30 is a 900 lumen, adjustable focus light made out of 100% solid awesomeness. I can’t express how much I love this light, but I’m going to try to break it down.fenix fd30 focusable flashlightWhen I initially opened the light, I immediately noticed the focus ring to be a little less solid than the other heads of Fenix flashlights. This obviously created a bit of doubt and lack of confidence in the light. Powering up the light, it has a slightly cooler color temperature. With a 90 degree twist, the light goes from a perfectly soft flood to a tight spot while extending the total length around ¼”. Wow! The tight spot has the same range as the updated PD32, but maybe a bit less intensity as the PD35 TAC. It is definitely the tallest of the 3, but only by 1/8” It also has the same head width as the PD35TAC, requiring the larger diffusion tip. But as soft as the flood is, I never use the tip.

Another difference to note is the lack of wavy tip edge that could allow you to nice if the light is on when standing on end. This doesn’t bother me one bit, but a difference none the less. Also, I don’t noticed battery life being any different from the others. It usually takes about 2 weeks to notice full brightness not achievable. But this has nothing to do with performance, just my average usage.

This has become my go-to EDC light. From spotting owls at the tops of pine trees, to hanging by the lanyard and using it as a lantern, this light is perfect for me. My other Fenix lights didn’t leave me having a favorite, but now it’s obvious. The only time the others make an appearance is when I need additional lanterns, so they come out with diffusion tips.

I highly recommend this light, and I definitely show it off to all of my other flashlight junkie friends. Oh, and as far as the head as mentioned in the beginning, I don’t even notice it and I doesn’t seem to effect strength and durability in any way.

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