The Best EDC for Tour of Duty and Police Work

Twice to Iraq with the Army SOCOM unit. Now working the Madison City, AL streets as a police officer. The Fenix LD10 (the LD10 has upgraded to the LD12) has seen a lot of action, to say the least. James Bell, a CW3 all source intelligence technical with 20 special forces group (Airborne) and Alabama police officer has been carrying the Fenix LD10 since 2010 when he asked his wife to get him one as a Father’s Day gift while stationed in Iraq. The LD10 didn’t leave his EDC (every day carry) and go kit during both of his tours in Iraq and for the last two years it’s been an essential EDC tool during his shifts as a police officer.

Thank you, James for sharing your Fenix Fan story with us…

Police man with flashlight

Did you have your Fenix LD10 when you were you in the military?

“I was in the Army SOCOM unit in IRAQ 2011 for the draw down, we were the actual last US unit in the country. I used it every night as we fought mostly at night. I had a red lens cap for the LD10 and a holder for it in IRAQ but the terrain is harsh and both deteriorated beyond repair. I also took it with me when I went back to IRAQ in 2015. It was the light I wore daily as my EDC and go kit.”

Do you have any interesting stories/situations you can share about something that happened while using the light on duty?

“As a police officer I use my Fenix LD10 on traffic stops when I am asking people to sign citations. The light frees up both my hands and while I keep my gun hand free I do not have to try and balance a flashlight under my arm and hand someone my citation and pen.”

“The Fenix LD10 is also very good as disorienting opponents. I use it daily on the job on traffic stops and when searching areas for items. People have asked me to please turn the SUN down when they look into the light or in my direction at night.”

How do you use the Fenix LD10 while on duty as a police officer?

“I work in the evening hours so I wear it everyday on my lapel when I’m on duty as a police officer.”

How do Fenix lights compare to other lights you have used?

“Others of the same size NEBO and Gerber seem heavier and bulky and don’t really fit as well as my Fenix light.”

What feature or features of the Fenix LD10 do you like the best or use the most?

“The Push button cap, clip and the strobe alert mode have been very useful features. I also like that it can use an AA battery, which is easier to come by rather than the CR123A batteries other lights of the same size use.”

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Fenix LD10 flashlight has upgraded to LD12!

LD12 2017 Fenix Flashlight Edition

Fenix LD12, measuring 4 inches


More About the Fenix LD12
The Fenix LD flashlight series is one of our most popular lines here at Fenix based on their versatility and features. The Fenix LD12 specifically is a versatile light that effectively supports tactical employment for military, public safety and law enforcement professionals who rely on Fenix products to serve and protect.

High (70 Lumens, 3 hr 30 min)
Mid (30 Lumens, 11 hrs)
Low (5 Lumens, 50 hrs)
SOS (45 lumens)

Turbo Mode
– Turbo (320 Lumens, 1hr)
– Strobe (320 lumens)

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