Fenix E30R (EDC Masterpiece)

I have been waiting for this light for a long time. Ever since I caught a glimpse of it in the Fenix 2019 Product Catalog. Here is why:

I’ve carried too many lights to count over the last few years when the LED technology really started to become popular. I’ve carried nearly every main brand from Fenix, Olight, Surefire, Streamlight, Nitecore etc. In my opinion, Fenix and Olight have always been on the cutting edge with Olight ever so slightly ahead in the innovation category. That’s until the E30R was released. With a blinding 1600 lumen output, incredible run time, magnetic charging, optical lens and one of the most robust pocket clips on a light, all in a tiny 3.9″ package, you can’t go wrong. Whether you wear jeans or dress pants, this light can come with you. Fenix did an incredible job and this light comes with me everywhere. The ONLY suggestion I could make to improve on what is a nearly perfect light, is to put a magnetic base on it. In my opinion, if a light doesn’t have a tail cap switch, a magnetic base needs to be supplemented. I recommend this light for EDC purposes over any other on the market or within Fenix’s line up. It’s the best yet!

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