Fenix E16 Flashlight Review

Fenix E16 Flashlight Review

Scuba Diving Ambassador Cody F.

Hands down one of the most convenient lights to carry around every day. The Fenix E16 is so small that it fits with my keys in my pocket without leaving a giant bulge. Sometimes if I only carry the E16 I almost forget that it’s in my pocket until I need it. It’s also great because I don’t have to worry about getting it wet, banged around or automatically turning on in my pocket because it’s waterproof with a one meter drop rating and a lockout system. But what I like most about the E16, is that it’s very bright for its size.fenix e16 compact flashlightThe E16 proved its worth to me one night I heard a loud boom. Without thinking I grabbed my keys with my E16 attached and ran down my driveway to see a car almost split in half by a tree. There were other neighbors on the scene but it was so dark they couldn’t see the condition of the driver. Another neighbor did have a light but it was so dull it was useless, so I whipped out the E16 and it got the job done. We were able to inspect the driver who was standing outside of the car to make sure he didn’t need immediate medical attention before the emergency services got there.

I also used the E16 to double check that no one else was trapped in the car and that there were no other hazards. I am glad the E16 was attached to my keys because if not I would have had to run back to the house and grab a flashlight which could have wasted precious time if the driver was in worse condition. This just shows that the E16 can be dependable and bright even though it’s a small light.

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