Fenix E12

I actually find it funny that the cheapest Fenix light I own…is my favorite. This is literally THE BEST light for office EDC. I’m talking about a light that doesn’t need to be big, doesn’t need to be powerful and doesn’t need to have crazy long run times. The E12 is perfect for throwing in your pocket and forgetting it’s there. The AA power supply has impressive endurance and even better output. One thing to note however, is the 14500 batteries from Fenix cause my light to malfunction. I have both the 800 and 1600 and they cause the light to stay on high or cause the light to drop down from high to low within a few seconds. When running a primary copper top, the light is flawless. I find myself using the light on Medium much more than on high. With that being said, I have carried this light around at night checking on my dogs in the yard and the 130 lumen mode has a pretty decent throw. This light has turned me on to AA lights which I haven’t owned since my Maglite 2 AA. If you’re on a budget, new to flashlights, want a good gift at a fair price or just want a small, reliable, functional light, the E12 is the way to go. The only negative I could find about this light is there is not a pocket clip. Pocket clips on lights are a must for me. Luckily, I found that a friends Olight S1R II Baton clip fits like it was made for it, and it’s a two way. I really really hope Fenix comes out with a limited edition version of the E12 in copper or titanium. It’s an awesome little light and is my new go to gift for people in need of a flashlight.

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