Fenix CL20R – The Do-It-All Lantern

Lighting is one of those things that people don’t often think about until the moment they need it. Flashlights are always useful and most have at least one for low light situations but how often does one consider a lantern?

As a photographer I often find myself in random locations and sometimes having a personal light source is key. As a mountain biker I do night rides and trying to keep my gear in order when loading up the car in the dark can be difficult, and as a camper/bike packer just having a light when making dinner or climbing into my hammock, that isn’t always strapped to my head, is very helpful.

I found all that I could want in the Fenix CL20R lantern. Small and lightweight making it very packable, powerful at 300 lumens, and most of all affordable.

fenix cl20r rechargeable lantern colors

With it’s magnetic base I am able to attach it to the hatch of my car, when opened, and at full power light up enough space for myself and my friends to put their gear away and have a nice spot to hang and recap our ride. And on its lower settings it made for a great “kitchen”/picnic table light on a bike packing trip when it was time to make the freeze dried desserts.

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