FD30 Review – Here There Everywhere – Review by Ambassador Trey K.

Fenix was kind enough to send a FD30 Flashlight to me put through the paces. Along with that they sent their ARB-L18-3500U battery with a built in micro-USB charging port. (I will do a separate review on this but wow this battery is impressive).

Fenix’s moto is See What Matters. In keeping with that, I carried this light everywhere I went for a month. I work in the fire protection industry, hunt, fish, camp, and am a fire fighter. I generally would put something through the paces while training and responding to calls with the F.D., but I felt like this was an all around light and wanted to see how it faired at all tasks. Needless to say, it saw a lot of use.

Using the light regularly and playing around with it every chance I got, I spent a lot of time with it on turbo mode. The battery held up on a single charge and I saw no drop off of power or reversion to low power modes. The efficiency of the light unit itself is something I’ve come to expect with Fenix. I will say on turbo it does create a bit of heat, however that is common place for an LED of this output level. The heat output is not uncomfortable by any means, just noticeable. Pick up any high-output led and you will feel heat. The design of this light handles it well and I did not see any sign of failure with extended run times.

The feature that I am in love with is the focusable beam. I used it while searching for leaks in a roof of a customer’s warehouse with the roof deck sitting at 36′ high and was able to take cell phone pictures that practically showed the water droplets. This goes to show as far as I am concerned the focused beam throw is respectable and functional. On the other end of the spectrum, the flood side of the focusable beam lit up an attic that I had to replace some insulation in so well that I was able to just set it down and go to work. (Took about an hour to complete the work and the light was on turbo the whole time with no issues) Additionally, I was anxious to see how bezel held up to in and out focus over time. It didn’t seem to loosen up or get sloppy which I have seen other lights do.

I was skeptical with the focus feature on an LED light since I have yet to see one that gets it right. Usually, in my experience with the versatility of the beam you loose the functional light output. I don’t think this is the case here. This light will continue to be my all around use light, especially since the size of the light allows pocket or bag carry and is very good fit in the hand. (We ended up outfitting all of our inspectors in the company with this light due to the broad functionality of it)

Thank you again to Fenix for the opportunity to try this light out. It should most certainly be in everyone’s arsenal of lights for an all-around light. It’s like the multi-tool of flashlights!

fenix fd30 focusable flashlight

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