Essential Gear for Mountain Biking at Night

Mountain biking at night may seem like an extreme sport, but it can also open the door to rediscovering your favorite trails or allow you to get in that midweek ride. Mountain biking at night does come with some challenges, more in preparedness but night riding is easier than you may think.

We asked the number one ranked adventure racing team, YogaSlackers to provide us their gear criteria for mountain biking at night – things they use for training or in a race.

The most important thing you need when mountain biking at night is a good set of lights. YogaSlackers count on Fenix HL25 headlamps on their helmets and Fenix BT20 or BTR20 bike lights mounted on their bars.


Whether your hitting a single track or road, here is a gear list from the pros to help illuminate your way this bike season.

 In the Morning (before the ride):

  • Charge up your lights and batteries that you will be using for your ride, be sure to include a spare light.

For the Ride: 

  • Check that all your lights are working BEFORE you head out.
  • Bring a spare light and battery.
  • Wear layered clothing, the clothing should be reflective.
  • Pack a lightweight waterproof jacket perhaps a puffy in case something happens on the trail and you need to stop.
  • Bring a map or GPS, trails can look different in the dark and you can get turned around easily.
  • Always bring a bike repair kit that includes a spare tube, patch kit, pump, and multi tool.

What gear have you found to be essential when mountain biking at night?

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