E18R – Perfect for EDC

The E18R is great for EDC. I carry it every day, and I almost can’t feel it in my pocket. It’s shorter than the LD15R (even shorter than a Chapstick!), but forward-facing. It has a strobe, which may be accidentally activated if the button is held too long. The light does not have any memory, and starts at the lowest setting. With this light, I don’t think that’s a deterrent, because then it doesn’t blind me if I leave it on High. The light does produce heat on the highest setting.

The magnet is nice, but it only holds its own weight, so it’s not very strong. I do need it to be attached to something (lanyard or keys) because it’s small, but it produces a powerful beam. The battery can be changed out if needed.

Overall I really like this light and know it will last a long time.

fenix e18r edc rechargeable flashlight

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