E18R – Big Power in a Deceptively Small Package

I love this light! The size combined with the 750 lumen output make the E18R a great choice from the Fenix lineup. Construction workers/tradesmen will love it. As will anyone who could use a bright light that doesn’t weigh you down carrying it.

I tested this light thoroughly over a period of months, everything from running a trapline with temps in the teens, to using it to mount deer. It excels at any task thrown at it. Very bright, it’s beam cuts through the darkest of nights. Yet with adjustable levels, I could still use it for softer light for closer work like aligning pupils on my taxidermy work.fenix e18r edc rechargeable flashlightI loved the magnetic USB charging. Always handy to just throw a charge between uses. It runs on the 700mah batteries. They’re small and affordable enough to have extras ready for those extra long nights working. The clip is great for keeping it in a pocket or throwing it on a hat brim for hands free use. Magnetic base gives you another handy option to hold it while working. It even has a lock feature so it won’t turn on in your pocket.

In summary, Fenix keeps pushing the bar higher and higher with every light they release. If you’re looking for a small but VERY powerful light, the E18R is what you’ve been looking for. Built very solidly, it will exceed your expectations through the long workweek as well as any weekend exploits. I personally never go anywhere without it. If you like your gear to be dependable no matter what, buy the best, buy Fenix.

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