FENIX is a leader in precision LED lighting products for hands, heads and handlebars. Whether outdoor and hunting enthusiasts or a professional in public safety, industrial services or military, Fenix offers the highest standards in quality, performance and customer service.

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Wall Street Journal
Meet the Fenix PD35, the Star Flashlight of ‘Blair Witch’
September 15, 2016

Law and Order Magazine
Fenix Handheld & Weapon LED Lights
 June 2016 – page 38

Adventure Cycling Association
Gear Up: Summer Picks
June 16, 2016

Mid-Winter Gear
February 16, 2016

Team Yogaslakers
ARWC Brazil World Championship – Fenix headlamp in action
December 3, 2015

PC World
9 Awesome Gifts for Nerds
November 23, 2015

Open Air Life
Spring 2015 Cycling/Commuting Gear Guide
June 4, 2015

Active Junky
Top Campsite Products: Gather, Cook and Plan Anywhere
May 29, 2015


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