Wholesale LED Flashlight Distributors

Looking for USA Wholesale LED Flashlight Distributors ?

Fenix Lighting US, based in Colorado, is a primary main USA distributor for the Fenix lighting brand. We’re an innovative company and top LED flashlight importer and wholesaler distributing comprehensive growing product lines aimed at satisfying a demanding market place of end- users. Our customers are looking for the best technology incorporating stringent quality and performance standards and requirements.

Fenix Lighting US is a distributor of a China flashlights manufacturer.

If your company is interested in buying LED flashlights wholesale or seeking flashlight suppliers that ultimately sell to end-users, start by contacting our Denver, Colorado office at (888) 775- 9996.

Offering Flashlights In Bulk: Commercial, Industrial, Outdoors, Tactical

For customer convenience we offer many varieties of portable led lighting products and flashlights for sale, covering both the end-user consumer purchases, and through distribution channels that buy in bulk. Our customer base varies from industrial users for commercial purposes, tactical and military applications for public safety, security flashlights, as well as for outdoor recreational activities such as bicycling and, camping, and general purpose flashlights for every-day-carry including the full spectrum from compact mini to larger full sizes.

Major USA Flashlight Dealers to Retailers: LED Lighting & Flashlights Dealers

Fenix Lighting US sells flashlights in bulk to many different USA retailers and dealers currently, including both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) distribution. In addition, we seek new partnerships for United States based companies wanting to become dealers of our extremely high quality professional lighting brand. We look for opportunities to work in conjunction with reputable distributors or consumer-facing companies to help them become successful LED lighting dealers and go-to sources as companies that represent a world-class manufacturer purchasing and selling quality portable LED lighting products.

USA distributing dealers of Fenix lighting products include these top national retailers: REI.com, Galls.com, Grainger.com, Sportsmanswarehouse.com, Sportchalet.com, MidwayUSA.com, BladeHQ.com, LApolicegear.com, Opticsplanet.com

Looking For Where to Buy Bulk LED Flashlights Wholesale?

Not all suppliers are distributors and suppliers are equal. We offer quality state-of-the-art product lines.

At Fenix Lighting US we provide product registrations on our main company website for registering LED products and for communications such as warranty repairs and future product notices and announcements.

Fenix Lighting US has a huge variety of bulk flashlights available at discounted prices for bulk purchases including mini LED flashlights. We’re a quality United States of America LED Headlamp Company supplier as well as a bicycle flashlight supplier, camping lights dealer, outdoor exploring lighting supplier, general purpose every day carry flashlight wholesaler, home and auto repairing lighting vendor, and nighttime backpacking and hiking flashlight supplier.

Fenix Lighting Us illuminates your world with high-quality products ranging from 300 lumens up to over 1000 lumens for ultra-bright super bright led lighting performance.

Our product covers products ranging from compact and miniature to medium and large size LED lights with eight different series of flashlight product lines.