My Fenix CL26R is by far my best lantern I have ever owned.  This is the first lantern I saw that ran off 123 batteries as well as 18650 batteries so I had to buy it.   This makes it very versatile when I do my activities such as camping and ice fishing.  The rechargeable batteries let me save money, as well as having multiple lights on the same battery makes so much more sense vs carrying several different batteries.  Then the 123 batteries lets this light handle the extreme cold during ice fishing trips.

This lantern also saves the day, or should I say night, when my daughters night light runs out of batteries.  I just toss the CL26R in their room and turn it on low and they are happy.  This light also has a magnetic base with makes it easy to attach to any metal surface.  It also has a standard 1/4 20 thread to attach to any tripod for area lighting.  Out of the 4 lanterns I own this is by far my favorite due to its size and battery options.

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