Choosing the Right Light

With many accessories on the market for hunting, fishing and outdoor life choosing the right brands and features can be mind numbing. Some may think all flashlights are created equal. When buying gear you have to have a survival mindset, “will I need this device to save my life?” When choosing a flashlight this is especially crucial.

Situation: You just trailed a buck for longer than expected you got a great shot with 20-30 mins of light left. You have gutted him and you are ready to head back to camp or your vehicle you have him packed up ready to make the 3-4 mile hike back to your basecamp. and you pull out your flashlight and…… nothing. You decided to get the light that was on sale and wasn’t water resistant. Now what? Phone light? What if your phone dies? You’d be stuck without communication if an emergency arrises.

For this reason, I put my trust in FENIX lights. Not only are they affordable but they excel beyond the other top brands. They make just about every light option you could think of.

With that being said, I always carry a headlamp and standard flashlight. My headlamp is the Fenix HP25R Rechargeable headlamp. My carry light is the LD41 by Fenix. The LD41 takes the same batteries as my other gear (GPS and camp light) that way I know if I need one device more than the other, I can utilize the batteries.

Below I’ve linked my gear choices. I added the CL30R, it is a great work light and lantern with a USB charging port to charge your phone, headlamp or anything else.

Buy once – trust it forever.

CL30R Camping Lantern

HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp

LD41 Flashlight

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