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PD36R Lightweight and Reliable

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As a full time fireman I’m very particular when it comes to my personal equipment. My personal gear needs to be first and foremost lightweight and reliable under the harshest…

Fenix Product LR40R Review

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The Fenix LR40R is an extremely bright, well rounded flashlight and power bank. It does have a good amount of weight to it, but for good reason. It holds a…

LD30 worked over!

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I recently purchased the PD25 along with the PD36 with every intention of testing and reviewing the 25 and giving it to our guide/friend in Quebec during my trip next…


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This little pocket carry light is amazing. Would work great in a ladies purse too if clipped in a proper place to locate it easy due to it’s small size.…

Fenix Product E30R Review

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This flashlight is a real nice EDC (every day carry) that uses an 18650 battery. Because of the battery size, there are limits to how small it can be designed.…

Fenix T5 Tactical Pen

Fenix T5 Tactical Pen Picture this…you are driving along minding your own business when a torrential downpour floods the road and you hydroplane into a nearby pond.  Oh no!  As…