Brighten Your Holiday Travels, Gobble Up Savings

Are you traveling this holiday season? According to Time Magazine, this Thanksgiving will be the busiest travel day in 9 years.

If you’re one of the 48.7% of Americans predicted to hit the road or fly the friendly skies, answer these questions:

  • Will you be traveling in the dark?

  • Will you run into bad weather?

Best Travel Tip: Have a flashlight at all times!

5 Reasons Why You Need a Flashlight for Travel:

  1. Lightweight flashlights fit in any purse, brief case or carry-on bag
  2. Not considered a weapon by the FAA, a light can be brought on to a plane
  3. Convenient keychain lights make your life easier during turbulent travel times or when you are trying to find something in the dark
  4. Waterproof lights can be your best friend and your SOS when out in the rain or snow. Especially when stranded
  5. Headlamps provide hands-free lighting when your juggling luggage, gifts, keys, kids and more. Not to mention when you’re having to change a tire on a dark dessert highway

Brightest Travel Flashlights under $50

  • UC02 – USB rechargeable, compact, multiple colors, Fenix’s brightest keychain flashlight
  • E05 – Compact, lightweight, multiple colors, keychain flashlight, 3 brightness modes
  • LD12 – Versatile, compact, has an output of 320 lumens, plus strobe mode
  • E12 – 1 AA battery delivers 130 lumens, Fenix best selling every day carry

Brightest Travel Lights Under $30

  • HL10 – Lightweight, reliable, rotating lens allows for spotlight to floodlight, multiple colors
  • CL05 – This keychain lantern is an every day carry emergency lamp with red, green or SOS modes
  • UC01 – USB rechargeable, compact flashlight for your keychain


Check out Fenix’s brightest, compact, most powerful LED lights all under $50 in our Gifts Under $50 gift guide. Let Fenix Lighting brighten your holiday travels this year.
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