There are dads who hunt. Dads who fix. Dads who hike. Dads who build. Dads who walk the dog when no one else wants to.

Just like there are all kinds of dads, there are all kinds of adventures. Fenix Lighting has the perfect gift for dads, no matter what yours loves to do. Whether he's navigating rugged terrains, exploring the wilderness, or working on household projects, Fenix has a collection of flashlights and headlamps that make great gifts and ensure he's well-prepared for any situation.

Fenix Lights — The Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Gift outdoorsy dads with these Fenix lights:
  • PD36R PRO: The go-to choice for dads who are up for anything
  • LR40R V2.0: The gift for dads who are everyone's go-to person
  • TK20R UE: Perfect for dads who are always one step ahead
  • HM61R V2.0: For dads who hike their way to new heights
  • WH23R: For the dad who loves his work tools

PD36R PRO: For Dads Who Are Up For Anything


Some dads are ready, willing, and able to do anything to get moving. Whether cleaning the gutters on the weekend, going for a long night hike, or embarking on spontaneous camping trips, these dads always say “yes.”

Such dads should have the Fenix PD36R PRO with them, always. Because just like them, this rechargeable flashlight is ready for anything.

The PD36 PRO throws an impressive 2800-lumen on Turbo and has a beam distance of up to 1247 ft (380m), ensuring unrivaled visibility. The 5000mAh battery keeps the PD36R PRO shining for up to 42 hours, and its USB Type-C rechargeable provides ultimate convenience. Rain or shine, this impact-resistant, dustproof, and waterproof (up to 2 meters underwater) flashlight is built to withstand anything.

Even better, the Fenix PD36PRO comes in five colors (currently only available at, including red camo and magma, so you can choose one that reflects your dad’s style and personality. It's not just a practical gift, but a statement piece showcasing Dad’s readiness for any adventure.

LR40R V2.0: For Dads Who Are Always Prepared

Some dads are like Boy Scouts — they’re always prepared. If your dad is one of them, he understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. He most likely meticulously curates an arsenal of essential gear, ranging from multi-purpose pocket knives and duct tape to portable chargers and first aid kits. Although the always-prepared dad probably already has a flashlight, he won’t have anything like this one!

The Fenix LR40R V2.0 combines a spotlight and floodlight, producing an impressive 15000 lumens across almost 1000 yards. The rotating and push-button switches control 16 lighting modes, providing visibility in various settings and its compact size makes it easy to hold. This rechargeable flashlight also does double-duty as a power bank just like Dad does double-duty as a father and a Good Samaritan.

TK20R UE: For Dads Who Are Everyone’s Go-To Person


Is your dad the one everyone has on speed dial when something breaks, they need help installing a ceiling fan, or when they need a car whisperer? These go-to dads deserve the gift of a flashlight that’s just as reliable as they are.

Featuring the new FlexiSensa tactical switch, the Fenix TK20R UE features two operating modes: Tactical mode for Turbo or strobe light, and Duty mode to operate all brightness levels. The hidden USB Type-C charging port provides quick charging, ensuring Dad’s always ready to respond to unexpected situations with a reliable light source. This rechargeable flashlight is also equipped with a lockout function to prevent accidental activation and an intelligent memory that remembers the last level chosen, including between modes.

HM61R V2.0: For Dads Who Hike

In the world of outdoor exploration and adventure, there is a special group of dads who find solace and excitement in the beauty of nature. These dads are avid hikers, embracing the trails with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. Give your hiking dad the gift of the ultimate hands-free lighting tool for hikes.

Throwing a maximum of 1600 lumens across a distance of 531 ft (162 m), the HM61R V2.0 lights up every inch of the trail with high-performance light. A generous switch simplifies accessing the headlamp’s three red light modes for activities like stargazing on the trail. During hiking situations that require a flashlight, such as closely identifying night blooms, the rechargeable headlamp becomes a right-angle flashlight when removed from the headband. For hiking dads who enjoy exploring extreme environments, the HM61R V2.0’s high-performance components withstand extreme heat and bitter cold.


WH23R: For Dads Who Love Work Tools

We celebrate the dads who are the ultimate toolmasters, wielding hammers, wrenches, and power tools with skill and precision. They are entrusted with all household repairs, from fixing leaky faucets and squeaky doors to tackling extensive renovation projects. While these dads seem to have an ever-expanding tool collection, they always look for their next prized addition.

With the Fenix WH23R, tool master dads have a work headlamp packed with useful features they won’t stop talking about. The smart motion sensor turns the light on and off with a hand wave in front of the headlamp, and the adjustable 160° illumination range simplifies aiming the beam where you need it. Sure to become Dad’s new most-used gear, the WH23R fully charges in only 1.5 hours from complete depletion.

Fenix Flashlights & Headlamps Are the Ultimate Gift for Outdoor Enthusiast Dads!

Propel your dad’s outdoor or work passions with Fenix flashlights and headlamps! Whether he’s a fearless explorer, the superhero fixer-upper, a master of preparedness, a hiking enthusiast, or a tool-loving wizard, Fenix has the perfect gift. Give Dad the gift of adventure with Fenix Lighting!