Having a reliable light source underwater is crucial not only for your safety while diving, but also for the enjoyment of a dive. Whether you dive during the night or daylight hours, having a reliable light source underwater is absolutely essential for both navigation and even underwater photography. Fenix Lighting offers two of the highest-performing diving flashlights on the market. Our bright diving flashlights can throw ultra-bright light underwater so you will always have the best and clearest visibility. Gone are the days of difficult lighting underwater. With one of our diving flashlights, you’ll have a clear beam of light with you at all times no matter the purpose of your dive.


The best diving flashlights from Fenix are the SD11 and the SD20. Both lights are equipped with necessary diving features so you have the best light source underwater. These are undoubtedly the best diving flashlights to handle all of your underwater endeavors.


Fenix SD11 Diving Photography Flashlight

The SD11 flashlight is designed to be a diving flashlight with the added bonus of having a number of user-friendly standard flashlight features. With different types of diving excursions, the SD11 flashlight is designed specifically for underwater photography and videography. It is also popular to use for night dives. Built with different lighting modes to have a better visual of things underwater regardless of the time of day, the SD11 flashlight will ensure you have the best effective underwater photography lighting.

This powerful flashlight can throw a maximum of 1000 lumens 148ft (45m) underwater or above. At only 5.43” long, easily carry or pack this flashlight no matter where you are and turn it on in an instant via the rotating head that controls the lighting modes. It’s even built with a wide lanyard hole for easy attachment so you don’t lose it underneath the water.


fenix sd20 diving light diving flashlight

Similar to the SD11, the SD20 has user-friendly underwater flashlight features for your diving experience. Explore the underwater depths with confidence and safety knowing you have a reliable light source with the SD20 flashlight. The easy functionality of the SD20 makes it a great underwater companion. Additionally, it’s features make it a perfect night time diving companion as well. Cycle up to its brightest mode of 1000 lumens to have plenty of light even during the late hours of the night. It is built extremely durable and even has a dual-layer aluminum body designed to handle any scuba diving situation. Attach it onto your wrist, bag, or scuba diving equipment via the enlarged lanyard hole and worry less about your light and more on your dive.

The SD20 can throw 1000 lumens 564ft (172m) on high mode. This durable light can also last for up to 8 hours on red mode. The red mode will allow you to not only see more clearly underwater but it will give photographers and videographers better lighting. Because it combines neutral white light and red light, the red mode will give the diver a better, more visual experience underwater. The SD20 even has a battery level indicator for your convenience so you always know how much light you have left.


Fenix SD11 Diving Photography Flashlight beam

Aside from the fact that both the SD11 and the SD20 can throw bright light deep underwater, they are built with useful diving lighting modes, safe diving illumination, and more, to ensure you have the best and safest diving experience. Both diving lights have 3 different lighting modes including a low, high, and red+ mode (R+). The R+ mode is for better color rendering underneath the water. It combines a neutral white LED light and red LED light to create a clearer, more effective light to increase your visibility when you are submerged. This rare lighting mode is difficult to find in diving flashlights but both Fenix diving flashlights have it. You can worry less about your light source and more on diving.

Additionally, both lights are 100m waterproof classified while having a 1000 lumen throw meeting necessary demands for safe diving photography and videography. These flashlights are undoubtedly the best lights to have in the water because of their bright lights and underwater flashlight features.


“The Fenix Dive light series is awesome. They are very bright and hold up well. I would like to see more lights in this lineup. As a diver, a good light is invaluable at depth when natural light fades or at night. These lights rival other brands that cost significantly more. Very pleased with these products.”

  • Alan S. on both the SD11 and the SD20

“This was a lot more than I was expecting from a device of this price! I have a few Fenix products for more than 7 years and always proved very reliable and carefully designed products. This time Fenix overdid themselves! The white light is unbelievable bright and balanced! This is a top professional tool that is extremely useful, light, and carefully designed. I highly recommend it.”

  • Vasileios Y. on the SD11

“This Dive light is absolutely amazing. Did a night dive with this light out in a quarry. Loved the ease of use with being able to switch one-handed between each feature. I love how big the beam is. Also, there is a red light (great for night vision) that I enjoyed using during the dive and on the surface while setting up. The brightness settings are perfect. This is by far my favorite light. Loving this purchase. Definitely recommend this dive light for scuba diving.”

  • William on the SD20


The SD11 and the SD20 are the best diving flashlights from Fenix and they are arguably some of the best diving flashlights on the market. Not only can these flashlights illuminate things great underwater, but they have exclusive underwater features perfect for diving. They are even built with a rare R+ lighting mode to help divers have a better experience using a more effective photography lighting mode. Built with even more user-friendly features like a rotating head to easily access the different lighting modes, enlarged lanyard holes to ensure you don’t lose your flashlight, and super-wide beam angles to see entire underwater surroundings, get either the SD11 or SD20 today to be your diving companion.